Virginia Criminal & Traffic Law Field Guide 2020-2021 Edition

LAST RELEASE DATE August 13, 2020
Virginia Criminal & Traffic Law Field Guide 2020-2021 Edition

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Select Definitions, Summaries, and Penalties for the Professional in the Field.

The Virginia Criminal and Traffic Law Field Guide is a durable, pocket-sized guide that clearly and concisely presents the elements of key statutes of the criminal law and traffic offenses. The Field Guide also includes a Penalty Table and a section on commonly used Spanish phrases, making this Guide a true field reference. The Field Guide's comprehensive coverage and convenient size makes it the perfect reference to carry in your gear bag, to leave in your car, or to have handy for briefings or training.

Miranda Warning (English)

Miranda Warning (Spanish) 

Spanish Phrases

Virginia Traffic Offenses

Criminal Laws from Title 18.2—Crimes and Offenses Generally

Chapter 3. Inchoate Crimes

Chapter 4. Crimes Against the Person

Chapter 5. Crimes Against Property

Chapter 6. Crimes Involving Fraud

Chapter 7. Crimes Involving Health and Safety

Chapter 8. Crimes Involving Morals and Decency

Chapter 9. Crimes Against Peace and Order

Chapter 10. Crimes Against the Administration of Justice

Motor Vehicle Laws from Title 46.2—Motor Vehicles

Chapter 3. Licensure of Drivers

Chapter 6. Titling and Registering of Motor Vehicles

Chapter 8. Regulation of Traffic

Chapter 10. Motor Vehicle and Equipment Safety

Chapter 12. Parking

Chapter 12.1. Parking for Persons with Disabilities

Miscellaneous Laws

Title 3.2—Agriculture, Animal Care and Food

Title 4.1—Alcoholic Beverage Control Act

Title 19.2—Criminal Procedure

Title 29.1—Game, Inland Fisheries and Boating

Title 33.1—Highways, Bridges and Ferries


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