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West Virginia Crimes - 2019 Edition








Edward Preston and Stephen W.Cogar

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June 29, 2020

Last Release Date

June 12, 2019

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Clearly and conveniently sets forth the basic principles of the Criminal Law, along with concise summaries of the material elements, section numbers and penalties of the most important and commonly-used criminal statutes of West Virginia.


West Virginia Crimes was created to assist law enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, judges, and magistrates in determining if crimes have been committed, as well as in the drafting criminal complaints and indictments.

Each crime is broken down in separate numbered elements, showing the reader exactly what must be proven for a conviction. Also included are penalties for each crimes and relevant notes and definitions. For ease of use, this publication has a comprehensive index.

Whether you are a law enforcement professional purchasing a single copy of this guide or a supervisor or police trainer purchasing copies for your whole department or police academy, this reference will rapidly become a dependable and essential part of your equipment. The West Virginia Crimes Manual is the perfect companion to the West Virginia Criminal and Traffic Law Manual, which contains the full text of the statutes referenced here.




              Chapter 1. States of Mind

              Chapter 2. Bars and Defenses

              Chapter 3. Participants in Crimes

              Chapter 4. Crimes Against Persons

              Chapter 5. Crimes Against Property

              Chapter 6. Shoplifting

              Chapter 7. Trespassing

              Chapter 8. Computer Crimes

              Chapter 9. Cable Television Related Thefts

Chapter 10. Crimes with Explosives

Chapter 11. Forgery

Chapter 12. Crimes Against Public Justice

Chapter 13. Crimes Against Chastity, Morality and Decency

Chapter 14. Breaches of the Peace

Chapter 15. Crimes Against Public Policy