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West Virginia Criminal & Traffic Law Manual 2020 Edition

West Virginia Criminal & Traffic Law Manual 2020 Edition

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Features the most comprehensive presentation of West Virginia’s crimes and their punishment, criminal procedure, motor vehicle and traffic laws, controlled substances, domestic relations, child welfare, as well as extensive key provisions in titles relating to Evidence and Witnesses, Public Safety and Health, Alcoholic Beverages, and hundreds of other key statutes relating to the administration of law enforcement and criminal justice.

Sections Affected by Recent Legislation

Commonly Cited Offenses

Select Legislative Summaries


Chapter 7. County Commissions and Officers.

Art. 7. Compensation of Elected County Officials, 7-7-7, 7-7-7a, 7-7-14, 7-7-14a

Art. 8. Jail and Jailer, 7-8-1 to 7-8-14

Art. 10. Humane Officers, 7-10-1 to 7-10-5

Art. 14. Civil Service for Deputy Sheriffs, 7-14-1 to 7-14-21

Art. 14A. Deputy Sheriffs’ Tort Liability, 7-14A-1 to 7-14A-4

Art. 14B. Civil Service for Correctional Officers, 7-14B-1 to 7-14B-23

Art. 14C. Deputy Sheriffs; Procedure for Investigation, 7-14C-1 to 7-14C-5


Chapter 8. Municipal Corporations. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 9. Human Services. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 11. Taxation. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 14. Claims Due and Against the State. (Selected Statutes)


Chapter 15. Public Safety.

Art. 1. The Child Protection Act of 2006, §§ 15-1I-1, 15-1I-2

Art. 2. West Virginia State Police, 15-2-1 to 15-2-54

Art. 2A. West Virginia State Police Retirement System, 15-2A-1 to 15-2A-23

Art. 2B. DNA Data, 15-2B-1 to 15-2B-16

Art. 2C. Central Abuse Registry, 15-2C-1 to 15-2C-9

Art. 3. Communication Systems for Police Purposes, 15-3-1 to 15-3-10

Art. 3A. Amber Alert Plan, 15-3A-1 to 15-3A-7

Art. 3B. Silver Alert Plan, 15-3B-1 to 15-3B-6

Art. 5. Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, 15-5-19b

Art. 8. West Virginia Sheriffs’ Bureau [Repealed]

Art. 9. Governor’s Committee on Crime, Delinquency and Correction, 15-9-1 to 15-9-6

Art. 9B. Sexual Assault Examination Network, 15-9B-1 to 15-9B-3

Art. 10. Cooperation Between Law-Enforcement Agencies, 15-10-1 to 15-10-6

Art. 10A. Law-Enforcement Re-Employment Act, 15-10A-1 to 15-10A-6

Art. 11. Payment of Funeral Expenses, 15-11-1, 15-11-2

Art. 12. Sex Offender Registration Act, 15-12-1 to 15-12-10

Art. 13. Child Abuse and Neglect Registration, 15-13-1 to 15-13-8


Chapter 16. Public Health.

Art. 3C. AIDS-Related Medical Testing and Records Confidentiality Act, § 16-3C-2

Art. 3D. Tuberculosis Testing, Control, Treatment and Commitment, §§ 16-3D-7 to 16-3D-9

Art. 4. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, § 16-4-5

Art. 4C. Emergency Medical Services Act, §§ 16-4C-12, 16-4C-19

Art. 5C. Nursing Homes, §§ 16-5C-15, 16-5C-18, 16-5C-20

Art. 5D. Assisted Living Residences, §§ 16-5D-15, 16-5D-18

Art. 5E. Registration\Inspection of Service Providers in Unlicensed Health Care Homes, § 16-5E-6

Art. 5H. Chronic Pain Clinic Licensing Act, §§ 16-5H-1 to 16-5H-10

Art. 5N. Residential Care Communities, §§ 16-5N-11, 16-5N-15

Art. 9A. Tobacco Usage Restrictions, §§ 16-9A-1 to 16-9A-10

Art. 29B. Health Care Authority, § 16-29B-27

Art. 47. Alcohol and Drug Overdose Prevention and Clemency Act, § 16-47-4


Chapter 17. Roads and Highways.

 Art. 16D. Electronic Toll Collection, §§ 17-16D-1 to 17-16D-14

 Art. 19. General Criminal Provisions, §§ 17-19-1 to 17-19-15

 Art. 24. Waste Tire Remediation [Repealed]

 Art. 24A. Disposal of Abandoned and Junked Motor Vehicles, and Abandoned or Inoperative Household Appliances, §§ 17-24A-1 to 17-24A-7

 Art. 26. State Road Bonds, § 17-26-7

 Art. 29. Transportation Network Companies, §§ 17-29-8, 17-29-13


Chapter 17A. Motor Vehicle Administration, Registration, Certificate of Title, and Antitheft Provisions.

Art. 1. Words and Phrases Defined, § 17A-1-1

Art. 2. Division of Motor Vehicles, §§ 17A-2-1 to 17A-2-24

Art. 2A. Uniform Motor Vehicle Records Disclosure Act, §§ 17A-2A-1 to 17A-2A-14

Art. 2B. Consolidation of the Regulation of the Motor Carrier Industry, §§ 17A-2B-1 to 17A-2B-3

Art. 3. Original and Renewal of Registration; Issuance of Certificates of Title, §§ 17A-3-1 to -24

Art. 3A. Vehicle Compliance with Federal Clean Air Standards/Vehicle Safety, §§ 17A-3A-1 to -3

Art. 4. Transfers of Title or Interest, §§ 17A-4-1 to 17A-4-12

Art. 4A. Liens and Encumbrances on Vehicles; Notice to Creditors/Purchasers, §§ 17A-4A-1 to -16

Art. 5. Permits to Nonresident Owners, § 17A-5-1

Art. 6. Licensing of Dealers and Wreckers or Dismantlers; Special Plates; Temporary Plates or Markers, §§ 17A-6-1 to 17A-6-26

Art. 6A. Motor Vehicle Dealers, Distributors, Wholesalers and Manufacturers, §§ 17A-6A-1 to 17A-6A-18

Art. 6B. License Services, §§ 17A-6B-1 to 17A-6B-13

Art. 6C. Automobile Auction Businesses, §§ 17A-6C-1 to 17A-6C-17

Art. 6D. Daily Passenger Rental Car Business, §§ 17A-6D-1 to 17A-6D-16

Art. 6E. Motor Vehicle Salesperson License, §§ 17A-6E-1 to 17A-6E-14

Art. 7. Special Stickers, §§ 17A-7-1 to 17A-7-3

Art. 8. Special Antitheft Laws, §§ 17A-8-1 to 17A-8-13

Art. 9. Offenses Against Registration Laws and Suspension or Revocation of Registration, §§ 17A-9-1 to 17A-9-7

Art. 10. Fees for Registration, Licensing, etc., §§ 17A-10-1 to 17A-10-16

Art. 11. Penalties, §§ 17A-11-1 to 17A-11-4

Art. 12. Severability and Effect of Chapter, §§ 17A-12-1, 17A-12-2


Chapter 17B. Motor Vehicle Driver’s Licenses.

 Art. 1. Words and Phrases Defined, § 17B-1-1

 Art. 1A. Driver License Compact, §§ 17B-1A-1, 17B-1A-2

 Art. 1B. Drivers’ or Chauffeurs’ License Identification, §§ 17B-1B-1 to 17B-1B-4

 Art. 1C. Nonresident Violator Compact, §§ 17B-1C-1 to 17B-1C-4

 Art. 1D. Motorcycle Safety Education, §§ 17B-1D-1 to 17B-1D-10

 Art. 2. Issuance of License, Expiration and Renewal, §§ 17B-2-1 to 17B-2-15

 Art. 2A. Requirement of Compliance with Selective Service Registration, §§ 17B-2A-1, 17B-2A-2

 Art. 2B. License to Operate a MV with Bioptic Telescopic Device, §§ 17B-2B-1 to 17B-2B-11

 Art. 3. Cancellation, Suspension or Revocation of Licenses, §§ 17B-3-1 to 17B-3-13

 Art. 4. Violations of License Provisions, §§ 17B-4-1 to 17B-4-6

 Art. 5. Penalties, §§ 17B-5-1, 17B-5-2

 Art. 6. Effect of Chapter, §§ 17B-6-1, 17B-6-2

 Art. 7. Second Chance Driver’s License Program, §§ 17B-7-1 to 17B-7-10


Chapter 17C. Traffic Regulations and Laws of the Road.

 Art. 1. Words and Phrases Defined, §§ 17C-1-1 to 17C-1-68

 Art. 2. Obedience to and Effect of Traffic Laws, §§ 17C-2-1 to 17C-2-9

 Art. 3. Traffic Signs, Signals and Markings, §§ 17C-3-1 to 17C-3-10

 Art. 4. Crashes, §§ 17C-4-1 to 17C-4-16

 Art. 5. Serious Traffic Offenses, §§ 17C-5-1 to 17C-5-12

 Art. 5A. DUI Procedures for Suspension and Revocation of Licenses, §§ 17C-5A-1 to 17C-5A-4

 Art. 5B. Postmortem Tests for Alcohol-Related Motor Vehicle Accidents, §§ 17C-5B-1, 17C-5B-2

 Art. 5C. Office of Administrative Hearings, §§ 17C-5C-1 to 17C-5C-5

 Art. 5D. Open Container Laws, §§ 17C-5D-1 to 17C-5D-4

 Art. 6. Speed Restrictions, §§ 17C-6-1 to 17C-6-11

 Art. 7. Driving on Right Side of Roadway, Overtaking and Passing, etc., §§ 17C-7-1 to 17C-7-13

 Art. 8. Turning and Starting and Signals on Stopping and Turning, §§ 17C-8-1 to 17C-8-10

 Art. 9. Right-of-Way, §§ 17C-9-1 to 17C-9-6

 Art. 10. Pedestrians’ Rights and Duties, §§ 17C-10-1 to 17C-10-8

 Art. 10A. Operation of Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices, §§ 17C-10A-1, 17C-10A-2

 Art. 11. Operation of Bicycles and Play Vehicles, §§ 17C-11-1 to 17C-11-7

 Art. 11A. Child Bicycle Safety Act, §§ 17C-11A-1 to 17C-11A-9

 Art. 12. Special Stops Required, §§ 17C-12-1 to 17C-12-9

 Art. 13. Stopping, Standing and Parking, §§ 17C-13-1 to 17C-13-8

 Art. 13A. Diesel-Powered Motor Vehicle Idling Act, §§ 17C-13A-1 to 17C-13A-9

 Art. 14. Miscellaneous Rules, §§ 17C-14-1 to 17C-14-15

 Art. 15. Equipment, §§ 17C-15-1 to 17C-15-50

 Art. 16. Inspection of Vehicles, §§ 17C-16-1 to 17C-16-9

 Art. 17. Size, Weight and Load, §§ 17C-17-1 to 17C-17-14

 Art. 17A. Regulation of the Commercial Transportation of Coal, §§ 17C-17A-1 to 17C-17A-16

 Art. 17B. Transfer of Certain Jurisdiction and Employees, §§ 17C-17B-1 to 17C-17B-5

 Art. 18. Penalties, § 17C-18-1

 Art. 19. Parties, Procedure Upon Arrest and Reports in Criminal Cases, §§ 17C-19-1 to 17C-19-10

 Art. 20. West Virginia Turnpike Commission [Abolished], § 17C-20-1

 Art. 21. Effect of Chapter, §§ 17C-21-1, 17C-21-2

 Art. 22. Ridesharing, §§ 17C-22-1 to 17C-22-7

 Art. 23. Funeral Processions, §§ 17C-23-1 to 17C-23-5


Chapter 17D. Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Law.

 Art. 1. Words and Phrases Defined, § 17D-1-1

 Art. 2. Administration of Law, §§ 17D-2-1, 17D-2-2

 Art. 2A. Security Upon Motor Vehicles, §§ 17D-2A-1 to 17D-2A-9

 Art. 3. Security Following Accident [Repealed]

 Art. 4. Proof of Financial Responsibility for the Future, §§ 17D-4-1 to 17D-4-20

 Art. 5. Violation of Provisions of Chapter; Penalties, §§ 17D-5-1 to 17D-5-3

 Art. 6. General Provisions, §§ 17D-6-1 to 17D-6-7


Chapter 17E. Uniform Commercial Driver’s License Act. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 17F. All-Terrain Vehicles. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 17G. Racial Profiling Data Collection Act.

Chapter 19. Agriculture.

 Art. 1A. Division of Forestry, §§ 19-1A-1 to 19-1A-6

 Art. 12E. Industrial Hemp Development Act, §§ 19-12E-1 to 19-12E-9

 Art. 18. General Livestock Trespass Law, §§ 19-18-1 to 19-18-4

 Art. 20. Dogs and Cats, §§ 19-20-6, 19-20-9, 19-20-9a, 19-20-12, 19-20-16 to 19-20-20, 23, 24

 Art. 20D. Private Cause of Action for Humane Destruction of a Dog, §§ 19-20D-1 to 19-20D-3

 Art. 34. Dangerous Wild Animals Act, §§ 19-34-1 to 19-34-9


Chapter 20. Natural Resources. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 22. Environmental Resources. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 24A. Motor Carriers of Passengers and Property for Hire. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 25. Division of Corrections. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 28. State Correctional and Penal Institutions. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 29. Miscellaneous Boards and Officers. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 30. Professions and Occupations. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 31A. Banks and Banking. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 36. Estates and Property. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 46A. West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 47. Regulation of Trade. (Selected Statutes) 


Chapter 48. Domestic Relations.

 Art. 10. Grandparent Visitation, § 48-10-1201

 Art. 20. Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, §§ 48-20-101 to 48-20-404

 Art. 26. Domestic Violence Act, § 48-26-802

 Art. 27. Prevention and Treatment of Domestic Violence, §§ 48-27-101 to 48-27-1105

 Art. 27A. Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team, §§ 48-27A-1 to 48-27A-3

 Art. 28. Uniform Interstate Enforcement of DV Protection Orders Act, §§ 48-28-1 to 48-28-10

 Art. 28A. Address Confidentiality Program, §§ 48-28A-101 to 48-28A-110


Chapter 49. Child Welfare.

Art. 1. General Provisions and Definitions, §§ 49-1-101 to 49-1-106, 49-1-201 to 49-1-209

Art. 2. State Responsibilities for Children

Art. 4. Court Actions

Art. 5. Record Keeping and Database, §§ 49-5-101, 49-5-102, 49-5-105

Art. 6. Missing Children Information Act, §§ 49-6-101 to 49-6-115


Chapter 50. Magistrate Courts.

Art. 1. Courts and Officers, § 50-1-14

Art. 2. Jurisdiction and Authority, § 50-2-3

Art. 3. Costs, Fines and Records, §§ 50-3-2 to 50-3-4a

Art. 4. Procedure Before Trial, §§ 50-4-2, 50-4-2a, 50-4-3, 50-4-6, 50-4-7

Art. 5. Trials, Hearings and Appeals, §§ 50-5-1, 50-5-2, 50-5-7 to 50-5-11, 50-5-13 to 50-5-15


Chapter 51. Courts and Their Officers. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 52. Juries. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 53. Extraordinary Remedies. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 55. Actions, Suits and Arbitration; Judicial Sale. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 57. Evidence and Witnesses. (Selected Statutes)

Chapter 59. Fees, Allowances and Costs; Newspapers; Legal Advertisements. (Selected Statutes)


Chapter 60. State Control of Alcoholic Liquors.

Art. 1. General Provisions, §§ 60-1-1 to 60-1-7

Art. 2. Alcohol Beverage Control Commissioner, §§ 60-2-1 to 60-2-22

Art. 3. Sales by Commissioner, §§ 60-3-1, 60-3-12, 60-3-22 to 60-3-24

Art. 3A. Sales by Retail Liquor Licensees, §§ 60-3A-2 to 60-3A-4, 10c, 16, 18, 24, 25, 25a

Art. 6. Miscellaneous Provisions, §§ 60-6-1 to 60-6-26

Art. 7. Licenses to Private Clubs, §§ 60-7-2, 60-7-3, 60-7-12, 60-7-12a

Art. 8. Sale of Wines, §§ 60-8-2, 60-8-20 to 60-8-22, 60-8-25, 60-8-30 to 60-8-32, 34, 35

Art. 9. Cigarettes for Export; Imported Cigarettes, §§ 60-9-1 to 60-9-4


Chapter 60A. Uniform Controlled Substances Act.

Art. 1. Definitions, § 60A-1-101

Art. 2. Standards and Schedules, §§ 60A-2-201 to 60A-2-213

Art. 4. Offenses and Penalties, §§ 60A-4-401 to 60A-4-413

Art. 5. Enforcement and Administrative Provisions, §§ 60A-5-501 to 60A-5-508

Art. 7. West Virginia Contraband Forfeiture Act, §§ 60A-7-701 to 60A-7-707

Art. 8. Wholesale Drug Distribution Act, §§ 60A-8-6, 60A-8-13, 60A-8-14 to 60A-8-16

Art. 9. Controlled Substances Monitoring, §§ 60A-9-1 to 60A-9-8

Art. 10. Methamphetamine Laboratory Eradication Act, §§ 60A-10-1 to 60A-10-16

Art. 11. Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Act, §§ 60A-11-1 to 60A-11-6


Chapter 61. Crimes and Their Punishment.

Art. 1. Crimes Against the Government, §§ 61-1-1 to 61-1-9

Art. 2. Crimes Against the Person, §§ 61-2-1 to 61-2-30

Art. 3. Crimes Against Property, §§ 61-3-1 to 61-3-58

Art. 3A. Shoplifting, §§ 61-3A-1 to 61-3A-6

Art. 3B. Trespass, §§ 61-3B-1 to 61-3B-5

Art. 3C. West Virginia Computer Crime and Abuse Act, §§ 61-3C-1 to 61-3C-21

Art. 3D. Theft of Cable Television Services, §§ 61-3D-1 to 61-3D-4

Art. 3E. Offenses Involving Explosives, §§ 61-3E-1 to 61-3E-13

Art. 4. Forgery and Crimes Against the Currency, §§ 61-4-1 to 61-4-9

Art. 5. Crimes Against Public Justice, §§ 61-5-1 to 61-5-29

Art. 5A. Bribery and Corrupt Practices, §§ 61-5A-1 to 61-5A-11

Art. 6. Crimes Against the Peace, §§ 61-6-1 to 61-6-25

Art. 7. Dangerous Weapons, §§ 61-7-1 to 61-7-17

Art. 7A. State Mental Health Registry; Persons Proscribed from Firearm Possession Due to Mental Condition to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, §§ 61-7A-1 to 61-7A-5

Art. 8. Crimes Against Chastity, Morality and Decency, §§ 61-8-1 to 61-8-31

Art. 8A. Preparation, Distribution or Exhibition of Obscene Matter to Minors, §§ 61-8A-1 to -5

Art. 8B. Sexual Offenses, §§ 61-8B-1 to 61-8B-18

Art. 8C. Filming of Sexually Explicit Conduct of Minors, §§ 61-8C-1 to 61-8C-11

Art. 8D. Child Abuse, §§ 61-8D-1 to 61-8D-10

Art. 8E. Display of Video Ratings or Lack Thereof, §§ 61-8E-1 to 61-8E-3

Art. 8F. Sex Offender Registration Act [Repealed]

Art. 9. Equitable Remedies in Aid of Chastity, Morality and Decency, §§ 61-9-1 to 61-9-11

Art. 10. Crimes Against Public Policy, §§ 61-10-1 to 61-10-33

Art. 11. General Provisions Concerning Crimes, §§ 61-11-1 to 61-11-26

Art. 11A. Victim Protection Act of 1984, §§ 61-11A-1 to 61-11A-8

Art. 12. Postmortem Examinations, §§ 61-12-1 to 61-12-15

Art. 12A. Fatality and Mortality Review Team, §§ 61-12A-1 to 61-12A-4

Art. 13. Anti-Organized Criminal Enterprise Act, §§ 61-13-1 to 61-13-6


Chapter 62. Criminal Procedure.

Art. 1. Preliminary Procedure, §§ 62-1-1 to 62-1-12

Art. 1A. Search and Seizure, §§ 62-1A-1 to 62-1A-11

Art. 1B. Discovery, §§ 62-1B-1 to 62-1B-4

Art. 1C. Bail, §§ 62-1C-1 to 62-1C-19

Art. 1D. Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Act, §§ 62-1D-1 to 62-1D-16

Art. 1E. Eyewitness Identification Act, §§ 62-1E-1 to 62-1E-3

Art. 1F. Electronic Interception by Law Enforcement, §§ 62-1F-1 to 62-1F-9

Art. 1G. Subpoena Powers Relating to Certain Offenses Against Minors, §§ 62-1G-1, 62-1G-2

Art. 2. Presentments and Indictments, §§ 62-2-1 to 62-2-25

Art. 3. Trial of Criminal Cases, §§ 62-3-1 to 62-3-21

Art. 4. Recovery of Fines in Criminal Cases, §§ 62-4-1 to 62-4-17

Art. 5. Costs in Criminal Cases, §§ 62-5-1 to 62-5-10

Art. 6. Miscellaneous Provisions Concerning Criminal Procedure, §§ 62-6-1 to 62-6-8

Art. 6A. Securing Attendance of Nonresident Witnesses, §§ 62-6A-1 to 62-6A-6

Art. 6B. Statements and Testimony of Child Witness, §§ 62-6B-1 to 62-6B-6

Art. 7. Execution of Sentences; Stays, §§ 62-7-1 to 62-7-10

Art. 8. Crimes by and Proceedings Against Inmates, §§ 62-8-1 to 62-8-8

Art. 9. Forms of Indictments, §§ 62-9-1 to 62-9-21

Art. 10. Prevention of Crime, §§ 62-10-1 to 62-10-9

Art. 11A. Release for Work or Other Purposes, §§ 62-11A-1 to 62-11A-4

Art. 11B. Home Incarceration Act, §§ 62-11B-1 to 62-11B-13

Art. 11C. The West Virginia Community Corrections Act, §§ 62-11C-1 to 62-11C-10

Art. 11D. Heightened Examination and Supervision for Sex Offenders, §§ 62-11D-1 to 62-11D-3

Art. 11E. Sexually Violent Predator Management Task Force [Repealed]

Art. 11F. Pretrial Release Programs, §§ 62-11F-1 to 62-11F-5

Art. 12. Probation and Parole, §§ 62-12-1 to 62-12-29

Art. 13. Corrections Management, §§ 62-13-1 to 62-13-7

Art. 14. Agreement on Detainers, §§ 62-14-1 to 62-14-7

Art. 15. Drug Offender Accountability and Treatment Act, §§ 62-15-1 to 62-15-13

Art. 15A. Addiction Treatment Pilot Program, §§ 62-15A-1 to 62-15A-3



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