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West Virginia Motor Vehicle Laws Annotated 20th Edition (2020)

LAST RELEASE DATE September 23, 2020
West Virginia Motor Vehicle Laws Annotated 20th Edition (2020)

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Features a comprehensive set of fully annotated and indexed West Virginia motor vehicle, traffic and related laws, along with a valuable presentation of West Virginia Police Procedure: Arrest, Search and Seizure, and Confession Law, in one easily-accessible, convenient manual.

West Virginia Motor Vehicle Laws features a comprehensive set of fully annotated and indexed motor vehicle, traffic and related laws in one easily-accessible, convenient publication. Additionally, the text includes a valuable presentation of West Virginia Police Procedure: Arrest, Search and Seizure, and Confession Law. The text compiles Chapter 17A, Motor Vehicle Administration, Registration, Certificate of Title and Antitheft Provisions; Chapter 17B, Motor Vehicle Licenses; Chapter 17C, Traffic Regulations and Laws of the Road; Chapter 17D, Motor Vehicle Responsibility Act; and many additional key statutes relating to roads, highways, commercial driver’s licenses, insurance, criminal provisions related to motor vehicle operation and enforcement, and more.

 Chapter 17. Roads and Highways.

                16A. West Virginia Parkways Authority, § 17-16A-18a

                24. Waste Tire Remediation [Repealed]

                24A. Disposal of Abandoned Motor Vehicles, Junked Motor Vehicles, and Abandoned or Inoperative Household Appliances, §§ 17-24A-1 to 17-24A-7

                29. Transportation Network Companies, §§ 17-29-1 to 17-29-19


        Chapter 17A. Motor Vehicle Administration, Registration, Certificate of Title, and Antitheft Provisions.

           1. Words and Phrases Defined, § 17A-1-1

           2. Division of Motor Vehicles, §§ 17A-2-1 to 17A-2-24

           2A. Uniform Motor Vehicle Records Disclosure Act, §§ 17A-2A-1 to 17A-2A-14

           2B. Consolidation of the Regulation of the Motor Carrier Industry, §§ 17A-2B-1 to 17A-2B-3

           3. Registrations: Original and Renewal; Certificates of Title, §§ 17A-3-1 to 17A-3-24

           3A. Compliance with Federal Clean Air Standards, Vehicle Safety, §§ 17A-3A-1 to 17A-3A-3

           4. Transfers of Title or Interest, §§ 17A-4-1 to 17A-4-12

           4A. Liens and Encumbrances on Vehicles; Notice to Purchasers, §§ 17A-4A-1 to 17A-4A-16

           5. Permits to Nonresident Owners, § 17A-5-1

           6. Licensing of Dealers, Wreckers or Dismantlers; Plates, Markers, §§ 17A-6-1 to 17A-6-26

           6A. MV Dealers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, §§ 17A-6A-1 to 17A-6A-18

           6B. License Services, §§ 17A-6B-1 to 17A-6B-13

           6C. Automobile Auction Businesses, §§ 17A-6C-1 to 17A-6C-17

           6D. Daily Passenger Rental Car Business, §§ 17A-6D-1 to 17A-6D-16

           6E. Motor Vehicle Salesperson License, §§ 17A-6E-1 to 17A-6E-14

           7. Special Stickers, §§ 17A-7-1 to 17A-7-3

           8. Special Antitheft Laws, §§ 17A-8-1 to 17A-8-13

           9. Offenses: Registration Laws and Suspensions or Revocations, §§ 17A-9-1 to 17A-9-7

           10. Fees for Registration, Licensing, etc., §§ 17A-10-1 to 17A-10-16

           11. Penalties, §§ 17A-11-1 to 17A-11-4

           12. Severability and Effect of Chapter, §§ 17A-12-1, 17A-12-2


        Chapter 17B.Motor Vehicle Driver’s Licenses.

           1. Words and Phrases Defined, § 17B-1-1

           1A. Driver License Compact, §§ 17B-1A-1, 17B-1A-2

           1B. Drivers’ or Chauffeurs’ Licenses; Anatomical Organ Donors, §§ 17B-1B-1 to 17B-1B-4

           1C. Nonresident Violator Compact, §§ 17B-1C-1 to 17B-1C-4

           1D. Motorcycle Safety Education, §§ 17B-1D-1 to 17B-1D-10

           2. Issuance of License, Expiration and Renewal, §§ 17B-2-1 to 17B-2-15

           2A. Compliance with Selective Service Registration, §§ 17B-2A-1, 17B-2A-2

           2B. Licenses and Bioptic Telescopic Devices, §§ 17B-2B-1 to 17B-2B-11

           3. Cancellation, Suspension or Revocation of Licenses, §§ 17B-3-1 to 17B-3-13

           4. Violations of License Provisions, §§ 17B-4-1 to 17B-4-6

           5. Penalties, §§ 17B-5-1, 17B-5-2

           6. Effect of Chapter, §§ 17B-6-1, 17B-6-2

           7. Second Chance Driver’s License Program, §§ 17B-7-1 to 17B-7-10


        Chapter 17C.Traffic Regulations and Laws of the Road.

           1. Words and Phrases Defined, §§ 17C-1-1 to 17C-1-68

           2. Obedience to and Effect of Traffic Laws, §§ 17C-2-1 to 17C-2-9

           3. Traffic Signs, Signals and Markings, §§ 17C-3-1 to 17C-3-10

           4. Crashes, §§ 17C-4-1 to 17C-4-16

           5. Serious Traffic Offenses, §§ 17C-5-1 to 17C-5-12

           5A. Administrative Procedures for DUI, §§ 17C-5A-1 to 17C-5A-4

           5B. Postmortem Tests for Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents, §§ 17C-5B-1, 17C-5B-2

           5C. Office of Administrative Hearings, §§ 17C-5C-1 to 17C-5C-5

           5D. Open Container Laws, §§ 17C-5D-1 to 17C-5D-4

           6. Speed Restrictions, §§ 17C-6-1 to 17C-6-11

           7. Driving on Right Side of Roadway, Overtaking and Passing, Etc., §§ 17C-7-1 to 17C-7-13

 8. Turning and Starting and Signals on Stopping and Turning, §§ 17C-8-1 to 17C-8-10

 9. Right-of-Way, §§ 17C-9-1 to 17C-9-6

 10. Pedestrians’ Rights and Duties, §§ 17C-10-1 to 17C-10-8

 10A. Operation of Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices, §§ 17C-10A-1, 17C-10A-2

 11. Operation of Bicycles and Play Vehicles, §§ 17C-11-1 to 17C-11-7

 11A. Child Bicycle Safety Act, §§ 17C-11A-1 to 17C-11A-9

 12. Special Stops Required, §§ 17C-12-1 to 17C-12-9

 13. Stopping, Standing and Parking, §§ 17C-13-1 to 17C-13-8

 13A. Diesel-Powered Motor Vehicle Idling Act, §§ 17C-13A-1 to 17C-13A-9

 14. Miscellaneous Rules, §§ 17C-14-1 to 17C-14-15

 15. Equipment, §§ 17C-15-1 to 17C-15-50

 16. Inspection of Vehicles, §§ 17C-16-1 to 17C-16-9

 17. Size, Weight and Load, §§ 17C-17-1 to 17C-17-14

 17A. Regulation of the Commercial Transportation of Coal, §§ 17C-17A-1 to 17C-17A-16

 17B. Transfers to Public Service Commission, §§ 17C-17B-1 to 17C-17B-5

 18. Penalties, § 17C-18-1

 19. Procedure upon Arrest and Reports in Criminal Cases, §§ 17C-19-1 to 17C-19-10

 20. West Virginia Turnpike Commission [Abolished]

 21. Effect of Chapter, §§ 17C-21-1, 17C-21-2

 22. Ridesharing, §§ 17C-22-1 to 17C-22-7

 23. Funeral Processions, §§ 17C-23-1 to 17C-23-5


Chapter 17D. Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Law.

 1. Words and Phrases Defined, § 17D-1-1

 2. Administration of Law, §§ 17D-2-1, 17D-2-2

 2A. Security upon Motor Vehicles, §§ 17D-2A-1 to 17D-2A-9

 3. Security Following Accident [Repealed]

 4. Proof of Financial Responsibility for the Future, §§ 17D-4-1 to 17D-4-20

 5. Violation of Provisions of Chapter; Penalties, §§ 17D-5-1 to 17D-5-3

 6. General Provisions, §§ 17D-6-1 to 17D-6-7

 Chapter 17E.Uniform Commercial Driver’s License Act.

 1. Commercial Driver’s License, §§ 17E-1-1 to 17E-1-25

 Chapter 17F.All-Terrain Vehicles.

 1. Regulation of All-Terrain Vehicles, §§ 17F-1-1 to 17F-1-9


Chapter 17G. Racial Profiling Data Collection Act.

 1. Racial Profiling Data Collection, §§ 17G-1-1 to 17G-1-3

 2. Analysis of Traffic Stops Study and Annual Report by Director of the Governor’s Committee on Crime, Delinquency and Correction, §§ 17G-2-1 to 17G-2-3




Chapter 3. Elections.

Chapter 8. Municipal Corporations.

Chapter 11. Taxation.

Chapter 15. Public Safety.

Chapter 16. Public Health.

Chapter 18. Education.

Chapter 18A. School Personnel.

Chapter 20. Natural Resources.

Chapter 21.Labor.

Chapter 22. Environmental Resources.


Chapter 24A.Motor Carriers of Passengers and Property for Hire.

 1. Purposes, Definitions and Exemptions, §§ 24A-1-1 to 24A-1-3

 1A. Commercial Vehicle Regulation, §§ 24A-1A-1 to 24A-1A-2

 2. Common Carriers by Motor Vehicles, §§ 24A-2-1 to 24A-2-6

 3. Contract Carriers by Motor Vehicles, §§ 24A-3-1 to 24A-3-6

 4. Private Commercial Carriers of Property by Motor Vehicle, § 24A-4-1

 5. Powers and Duties of Commission, §§ 24A-5-1 to 24A-5-5

 6. Duties and Privileges of Motor Carriers, §§ 24A-6-1 to 24A-6-7

 6A. Interstate Commerce Commission Authority and Vehicles, 24A-6A-1 to 24A-6A-15

 6B. Registration and Identification of Vehicles, w\Hazardous Materials, § 24A-6B-1

 7. Complaints, Damages and Violations, §§ 24A-7-1 to 24A-7-7

 8. Review of Commission’s Action by Supreme Court of Appeals, §§ 24A-8-1, 24A-8-2


Chapter 28. State Correctional and Penal Institutions.

Chapter 29A. State Administrative Procedures Act.

Chapter 33. Insurance.

Chapter 38. Liens.

Chapter 46A. West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act.

Chapter 48. Domestic Relations

Chapter 49. Child Welfare.

Chapter 50. Magistrate Courts.

Chapter 56. Pleading and Practice.

Chapter 61. Crimes and Their Punishment.

Chapter 62. Criminal Procedure.

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